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Year 13 Maths
Exam Paper Finder
A Level Maths Pastpapers

Work in Progress, aim is before the end of the week, to provide a "public exam finder" that is easy to use, whenever filter does not work, just refresh the page. 

Before the end of the week, the following should be available: 

Edexcel, AQA, OCR (A), OCR (B) MEI, WJEC, all their publicly available past papers in the current specifications (2017-2022) 

Edexcel Papers are split into (1) Pure, and (2) Applied.


AQA/OCR(A) are split into (1) Pure, (2) Pure and Statistics, and (3) Pure and Mechanics.

OCR(B) are split into (1) Pure and Statistics, (2) Pure and Mechanics, and (3) Pure and Comprehension. 

Although 2023 papers are available to teachers, we are not allowed to share to students in the public domain until the 2024 papers have been sat. 

From the 2018 specification, there is no difference between the Pure/Mechanics content across different exam boards, the only difference is each exam board uses a different "large data set" in Statistics. 

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