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Great at tailoring the approach to teaching.

Normally, I don't write a review for anything but this is important as this may help students and parents in our situation (probably majority)

One can always come across great Mathematicians and our son surely had a couple of astonishingly great Oxbridge scholars teaching him at school; however, in hindsight, they lacked the gift of transferring the knowledge and passion for subject to a broad range of students.

Ho clocked the personality type of junior really well and literally turned him around inside one week during spring holidays, the the point that his teacher was asking me what he changed in a week long holiday.

Junior went from being a struggler to "A" in no time and later on to predicted A* at A-level further math.

Result awaited but it really doesn't matter.

Junior is not a Math genius nor does he want to pursue a mathematical degree - rather needed it for economics at uni, therefore, Ho's contribution is immense in getting junior to enjoy math; which will hold him in good stead for any job, entrance examination or applied mathematics in eco or otherwise.

In our case the challenge was that junior decided late he wanted to take FM at A levels.

Had he decided earlier, he could have taken up AdMath at GCSEs and the leap to A level FM would have been less daunting.. Anyhow, thanks to Ho for sticking to basics and methods that worked. I hope this review is useful for parents. I could have just wrote excellent tutor but that doesn't mean much.

Ho is a phenomenal Maths tutor! He has the rare skill of injecting life into the subject while demanding hard-work, dedication and excellence.

Our two teenage boys have both thrived academically under his tutelage.

It has been an absolute pleasure working with him.

I highly recommend him to any parent who is looking for a passionate, dedicated and caring Maths tutor.





Sir has been there for me in GCSE and A Level.

I did Statistics GCSE and achieved and 8 due to his help on a short notice of 1 month. He was very supportive and knew what a student should write to score as many points as possible.

I continued with Sir in Year 13 because I struggled with the content of A level Edexcel Maths and I wasn't able to understand my teachers at school. It was also a short notice of less than 2 months.

To be honest, this man is incredible, motivating and knows how to work with a student on an individual basis. I thought I was gonna fail my A levels since I was struggling with the big topics like Integration, Differentiation, Trigonometry.

Sir would make sure my foundations were secure and that I understood every step that I was doing since majority of the time I memorised the method but only in specific question types.

I just found out that I achieved an A which would have never been possible without Sir. If you have a child, GCSE Stats or Maths or A level Maths or Further Maths, and you place them in his care, I can guarantee that they will pass with flying colours and actually enjoying studying Maths or Stats.

This is why I've made sure my sibling starts with him now for GCSE and A level as Sir has proved to me twice and through the lessons of his amazing capabilities and skill as a teacher. This is a teacher, not one you get to see everyday. Thank you Sir.

He is very kind and helped me understand many concepts with loads of exam questions. He went through mark schemes in detail and how to present my work. I’m very proud to have moved from a D to an A in my 2022 Maths a level.

10/10 I recommend. Jude





Ho has tutored me since Year 11 and he has always been very helpful. I am now in Year 13. He changes his teaching style so that it fits best for you and he explains every topic in great detail so that not only do you fully understand and feel confident in the topic, but you begin to enjoy it more. He also regularly helps me outside of school and replies to my queries in record time. I highly recommend Ho!

Great tutor! Ho is really patient and finds different ways to explain the material. He has helped me to boost my conceptual understanding of Mechanics and my Maths A-level course.





An absolutely fantastic tutor who knew my board really well and was always able to quickly find past paper questions from the topics I was struggling with then go through them with multiple examples until I understood. Very reliable with almost no cancellations and was even available to text me solutions to problems I was struggling with outside of lesson times closes to my GCSEs. Really helped me to get to love problem-solving and olympiad maths as well as my GCSE and Ad maths course so would 100% reccommend.

Ho tutored me A level Maths and Further Maths for two years, helping me to achieve 2 A*s. He really helped boost my confidence, and was a very patient tutor. Highly recommended.



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