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Background Information

It gives me absolute pleasure to know that I have contributed to the education of mathematics and to the development of mathematicians. 


I use my channel as a place to upload answers to students' question. It has since grown to become a useful resource for all students. 


While I am answering student emails/questions on a day-to-day basis I have decided to collate them into online resources. “So Hok” or “Sou Hok” means “Mathematics” in Cantonese, my mother tongue and the language that I first learned maths in.


I did Bsc MORSE (Maths, Operational Research, Statistics and Economics) at University of Warwick, then PGCE and MA in Mathematics Education at King's College, London. I am a Key Stage 5 coordinator for mathematics and further mathematics at Brampton Manor Academy, East London, and an Edexcel examiner.


Before becoming a school teacher in 2015, I was working on the trading desk for an international gambling/investment company, calculating football odds and hedging bets/balancing risks. (I was paid watching football while doing maths!)


Which job do I enjoy more? I had two childhood dream jobs while I was growing up, I have the pleasure to say that I have experienced both.

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