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Edexcel A Level Further Maths 2019 Paper 3A Further Pure 1 9Fm03A Full Paper Walkthrough

0:00 Overview

04:26 Q1 Simpson's Rule

12:41 Q2 Leibnitz's theorem

20:41 Q3 Maclaurin/Taylor Series (IAL FP2/F2)

36:59 Q4 Conics (Parabola) (IAL FP1/F1)

56:56 Q5 t-formulae / Weierstrass substitution

01:10:12 Q6 Second Order ODE, Reducible Differential Equations (IAL FP2/F2)

01:35:27 Q7 Further Vectors (IAL FP3/F3)

02:01:59 Q8 Conics (Hyperbola) (IAL FP3/F3)

Question paper

Worked Solution

Marking Scheme:

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