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Edexcel A Level Further Maths 2019 Paper 1 Core Pure 9Fm0/01 Full Paper Walkthrough

Did 2019 Further Maths Paper 1, quite a nice paper, seems to have assessed most topics.

Question Paper:

Marking Scheme:

Worked Solutions:

0:00 Overview

03:08 Q1 Roots of Polynomial/Complex Numbers (12Fm)

15:15 Q2 Q2 Method of Calculus (13Fm)

27:16 Q3 Polar Coordinates (13Fm)

40:32 Q4 Method of Differences (13Fm)

56:06 Q5 First Order ODE (13Fm)

01:14:37 Q6 Proof by MI, Divisibility (12Fm)

01:21:50 Q7 Further Vectors (12Fm)

01:34:49 Q8 Coupled ODE, Second Order ODE (13Fm)

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