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CIE IAL 2019 Paper 2 (v1) A Levels Pure Mathematics 9709/21

Just did an International AL CIE paper (2019 P2), definitely recommend it for Year 13 Maths practice, my solutions here:

Questions are more algebraic based, less "wordy" so provide very good practice for "skill based" practice.

Q1 Logarithm (AS)

Q2 Modulus Functions, Inequalities (A2)

Q3 Implicit Differentiation (A2)

Q4 Integration (A2)

Q5 Factor/Remainder Theorem (AS)

Q6 Differentiation/Iteration (A2)

Q7 Trigonometry (A2)

You can find all CIE pastpapers here:

Question Paper:

Marking Scheme:

Worked Solution:

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